Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Genius

Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.

To the creative-minded individual searching for meaning in their life:

Too many people spend their lives fitting in with the crowd, never fully embracing what makes them stand out.

It’s not their fault though.

Years of being undervalued and overlooked keep most of us from sharing our natural talents with even our closest friends. Eventually, we bury those unique talents beneath forgotten memories.

It’s like being trapped in a cage of deep-seated, self-defeating beliefs that confine you to your comfort zone and prevent you from achieving your unbridled potential.

But imagine a life where you wake up energized and ready to conquer your goals with unshakable clarity. Where your innate talents aren’t just recognized but celebrated. Where you can fearlessly share your unique gifts with the world and inspire resounding change in the lives of every person you meet.

This is where your Zone of Genius awaits, the realm within your life where the minutes melt away in an effortless state of flow. The place where you feel inspired, creative, and fulfilled.

In this course, Caneel takes you on a holistic journey of rediscovering your true authentic self. As you unravel the intricate tapestry of your life, you’ll finally be able to let go of self-imposed limitations and step into your Zone of Genius.

The “painful myth” of uncovering your Zone of Genius

We all have our own individual Zone of Genius. But only a handful of us ever discover where it lives, and even fewer ever step foot inside.

We’ve been programmed to believe success requires hard work and suffering.

This course, Discovering Your Zone of Genius, shows you how you can create a life of unparalleled fulfillment, effortless creative flow, and natural success, without a tinge of suffering.

In fact, as Caneel accompanies you on each course module, you’ll be able to recognize rewarding activities within your Zone of Genius that awaken your creativity and leave you brimming with energy.

Caneel’s holistic approach explores the interconnectedness of your personal and professional life and teaches you how to infuse your Zone of Genius into every facet of your being, from your career and relationships to the meaningful change you wish to bring to the world around you.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have complete clarity on where this space of effortless flow and creative energy lives, you’ll also be equipped with tools, techniques, and exercises to help you spend the majority of your time in your unique Zone of Genius.

In just a little over 2 hours of video lessons, you’ll learn about:

Soon you’ll be able to unlock

The transformative power of this course

Master the basics in Module 1:

Discovering Your Zone of Genius

In this introductory module, you meet your new coach, Caneel, who will guide you through the concept of your Zone of Genius — the unique blend of gifts, talents, and qualities that make you YOU! As you gain a basic understanding of the coming modules, you’ll learn about:

Optimize your life starting with Module 2:

The Zones of Being

Next, you’ll explore the four Zones of Being, and how these Zones affect the way you relate to yourself and others around you. You’ll find out which Zone you spend most of your time in, and how you can shift to spend most of your time in a state of effortless flow, your Zone of Genius. Here, you’ll discover:

Revitalize your daily life in Module 3:

Energy: Your Genius Compass

In this module, Caneel will show you how to create a compass that guides you to your Zone of Genius. You’ll learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body and your energy. By reflecting on how your energy is currently showing up in your life through a series of quick, powerful exercises, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

Build unbreakable confidence in Module 4:

Determining Your Genius

Everyone has a set of unique superpowers that allow them to thrive. In this final module, you’ll explore what makes you uniquely powerful and learn how to reconnect with your “original medicine.” By the end, you’ll uncover:

Meet Caneel

Dr. Caneel Joyce, the founder of the executive development firm Kickass Enterprises, Inc., coaches unique and visionary leaders and creators generating far-reaching impacts on climate change and the most pressing challenges facing humanity. She is a sought-after CEO and Executive Coach, Podcast host of Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth, and engaging speaker. As a former executive, business school professor, and social scientist with a B.A. from UCLA and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the Hass School of Business at UC Berkeley, Caneel blends a deep evidence-based approach with uncanny intuition and a fiery passion for the fully-alive human experience. She coaches, influences, gathers, and unites mission-driven leaders to lead from their zone of genius, step out of their own way and allow their unique gifts to be free to create transformational change and impact on the world.

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Discovering Your Zone of Genius

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Zone of Genius success stories

Justin Hills , 11/21/2023

Profound Transformation

“…the zone of Genius was just this very simple framework that helped me self-analyze from a place of objectivity. It was like I took one step to the left and saw my entire life, all my abilities, strengths, interests, and passions make sense… …see more I realized that I am already seen as a coach to many people and it changed how I saw myself. It was quite an emotional moment to really truly see that you’ve been not seeing yourself… now four years later I’m a full-time leadership and team performance coach and I love it… I’m working in my zone of Genius at a really high percentage and I feel incredible.

Moultonlavahh, 03/01/2020


I began listening to Allowed after hearing a friend describe a concept from one episode that has powerfully influenced her thinking (getting above “the triangle”). I listened from …see more the very beginning and then thought I’d skip to that episode, but I found myself so uplifted that I set out to listen to the whole podcast in order. What I love is the holistic nature of these teachings and discussions: they speak to your whole personhood with concepts and advice that are relevant to your personal and professional being. In fact, it seems central to this approach to remove the imaginary sense of that separation of being. I could go on and on with appreciation and I’ve only listened to 4 episodes! I’m excited there’s still a world of learning ahead.

22jem , 11/01/2019

She walks her talk!

Dr. Caneel Joyce is insightful, inspirational and most importantly walks her talk! Learning from those who have lived what they teach allows for deeper transformation …see more and Caneel is so transparent and open one can’t help but strive to be their deepest, truest self. I look forward to more and more from Dr. Joyce!

sad5676, 10/29/2019

Be prepared to become the person you were meant to be

Caneel will help bring out the best in you. This podcast will help you to become a leader of your life living in balance and harmony. You will be amazed at the growth you will …see more see in your life from the help of Caneel. I’m so excited to continue on this journey with the help of her weekly podcast. It’s a must listen if you have any interest in becoming a better manager, employee, parent, friend, spouse etc. This type of growth helps all areas of your life.


Immerse yourself in rockstar leadership coaching

So excited to hear Caneel has a podcast coming out. She’s so wise and has a unique perspective on self development and leadership. This is a great supplement to …see more any leadership book or coaching you already have started. Caneel will expand your thought horizons!

Caneelian , 10/25/2019

A truly transformative podcast for leaders

Can a podcast change your life? Whether you are the leader of your own startup, your own family, your own recovery, or your own creativity, you are the one and only leader of …see more your own LIFE. Life is filled with choices – will you allow yourself to be the conscious chooser?? What if you were allowed to do anything you wanted…. what would be possible? What if you were allowed to remove roadblocks, to turn challenges into strength, and to create a vision for your life that is so compelling you can’t help but make it real? I am Caneel Joyce, the host of the new Allowed podcast. I can’t wait for you to experience the most interesting and powerful journey in the world. The journey of becoming whole. You are allowed to be whole! We all are. Come with me and get ready to enjoy the ride……

anthonyrdisney , 11/20/2019


I never knew what triggering was and I loved getting to know more. Now I’m going through my days figuring out what my shadows are and owning them. Thank you for your …see more vulnerability and thank you for the helpful information!

SundrenchedCoast , 11/13/2019

Fun, easy, and insightful.

Excited for more of Allowed and the interesting, insightful experience. Caneel is a true pro, and we’re lucky to have this opportunity to peak inside her head and be a part of …see more the process.

jfoz01 , 11/02/2019

Treat yourself right!

Allowed is the perfect word to describe a place we should all be more often. I’m so excited to see how this unfolds and hear more from Caneel. She’s already impressive, …see more and now she’s allowed herself to show up in our lives on a regular basis.

rothherrlinger , 10/30/2019

Brilliant discourses

Caneel is one of the most inspired leaders I know. I’ve been following her work for many years, and am thrilled she’s created this podcast series to share more of her integrative …see more insights. Her mix of humor, challenge and heart makes her incredibly accessible. More, please!

T2theV3 , 10/27/2019

Must listen!

I’m so excited for this podcast! Caneel is an amazing human, coach, and presence in the world. I’ve learned a lot about myself from her and have watched her impact …see more many others in a similar way.

CMAG19 , 10/26/2019

Excited to learn!

I’ve just listened to the preview, and I am already so excited! Personal growth is such an everlasting journey, and I can’t wait to absorb the lessons Dr. Joyce has to …see more teach.

FindYourPurple , 10/26/2019

Can’t wait for the series!

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m at a point in my life where I really want to make changes and wasn’t sure how to begin. Great to have a roadmap. …see more 2020 here I come!

Alayna84 , 10/26/2019

Cant wait for more!

Caneel is a complete inspiration! I can’t wait to learn more about how I can change my life and enjoy it in the process. A powerful message from a powerful …see more 2woman!

Super helpful

Cant wait for more!

Got me thinking about the ways that I limit my wholeness and therefore contribution in this world. Appreciate this resource and look forward to more …see more episodes.

Toni Moyes

Chief Operating and Financial Officer at Sharesies

Caneel brings both the intellectual firepower and emotional mastery needed to transform the performance of your high caliber team. She can take even the most gnarly, reserved or skeptical folk to the heart of what it means to relate and thrive together in business. As a coach, Caneel helped me find my own authentic style of leadership, which improved my performance, my relationships and how happy I felt every day. She helped me to create the space I needed …see more to ‘level-up’ my priorities and allow people in my team to grow. Caneel is also a great partner, who is genuinely motivated to understand and meet the needs of your business – nothing more, nothing less. I count my lucky stars for the day I met Caneel.

Zoë Barry

Founder/CEO at Zingeroo

I started receiving coaching from Caneel after I was 4 years into my startup, in the midst of a Series B financing, and about to have my team double in size. I was a young sole founder and first time C.E.O. managing an extremely seasoned, much older Executive Team. It was mission critical for me to grow at the exponential rate my startup was growing. Enter Caneel as my Executive Coach. Caneel has helped me become a leader of leaders and honestly …see more recognize both my fortes and areas to improve. Her prowess as a Coach is reinforced by her sincerity – through private, confidential meetings, Caneel enables a deep trust that in turn enables you to learn even more from her. Caneel even gives Executives exercises to hone their management skills. My genuine relationship with Caneel has, in turn, improved my relationships with my team, and enabled me to establish an honest connection with my team like the one I have with her. I would highly recommend working with Caneel’s coaching services and executive training to anyone looking to up their game in a corporate or startup setting.

Steve Raymond

CEO @ Prism Labs, Inc.

When I first started working with Caneel and the team from Evolution I had recently taken over as CEO of 8i, where we had amazing technology and a huge market opportunity but we were struggling with cultural problems associated with growing quickly and having a split geography. It’s always hard to make a decision to invest in consulting and coaching as an early stage company, but I saw the challenge of bringing the company together as one team …see more as the most important job in front of me. Caneel helped us to streamline and strengthen our organization, but more importantly helped us change very quickly to a culture that valued and accepted accountability and cultivated world class leaders. The change has been difficult and at times painful, but we are emerging from the other side of it as a very tight and streamlined group that can meet the challenges that being a startup presents. Caneel has very direct and efficient style and brings a wealth of insight and experience into our coaching sessions, especially with respect to the “people” part of the job. If you are desperate to get to a place where your team is aligned and functioning at an “A” level like I was, you should invest in Caneel and the team at Evolution.

Elle Rustique

CEO & Founder at TipBrightly

Talk about ROI! A 10-minute conversation with Caneel saved me and my team 100 hours of unnecessary effort and energy. As a first time start founder making a transition from a previous career from education, Caneel understood, immediately, with great insight, sensitivity, and professional respect, the kind of entrepreneur that I was striving to be and the personal motivation for my startup, TipGenie, Inc. She identified very quickly where I was in …see more danger of making a misstep as a first time founder. If you are a startup founder, especially a female one, this is the person you want to call for strategic mentoring. She is super smart, flexible in her approach, and wants you to succeed, which is what every startup founder needs in a coach.

Travis Kimmel

GM at Lattice

Caneel is one of the rare individuals on the product and marketing side of the fence that can get geeky with engineering’s desire to have theories backed up by hard data. I’m continually impressed by her knowledge of the most cutting edge tools for monitoring user behavior, getting empirical validation of what users want, and optimizing software through proper use of instrumentation. If you’re in the tech business and are looking for someone who can …see more lead user experience and product development and be savvy enough to have real conversations about the technical side of things, I highly recommend Caneel – she’s a pleasure to work with.

Amanda (Conley) Kuhns

Studio Management & Creative Operations - Nike

Caneel is one of the most intelligent and tech-savvy individuals I have worked with. She is a true marketing machine who has deep understanding of the tech and start-up industry. She brought a great deal of value to Path by helping with strategy, product launches, digital marketing, brand asset and project execution, and more. She inspired our team with her leadership and mentorship skills, teaching us a great deal. It was a true pleasure working with her, …see more and I highly recommend her.

Nicole Landry

Director of Product Design

One word for Caneel: Driven. If you want it done right, she’s the one for the job. I recently had the opportunity to work with Caneel on a complex mobile project. I witnessed her remarkable ability to quickly gather business and consumer needs through detailed qualitative and quantitative research. She asks the right questions that allow her to surface consumers’ unmet needs. Caneel is a true team player, and can hold her own when put into a room with …see more challenging personalities. On a personal note, she is articulate and impressively intelligent, while being very approachable and open-minded. The numerous insights she brings makes her an indispensable member to any team.

Travis Neilson

Senior Interaction Designer at Google

Caneel joined our little startup and totally shifted the way we thought about our customer and how to engage them. Her fresh take on what we were trying to accomplish was a welcome addition to the team. Her contributions were not limited to the paradigm shift that she initially brought. Time and again Caneel was able to reveal things about our customer, our business model and interactions that flew in the face of what we thought we knew. …see more She was key in accomplishing everything we did as a team. Her creativity, insight, and generosity are second to none.

Joshua M.

Using AI to optimize workforce

By identifying what parts of our existing proposition ‘landed’, Caneel helped me to see how to streamline and present ourselves. The broader conclusion was that, to be funded, we needed to make the product crystal clear. Having technology is good, but only relevant if people believe the product. By accepted that we need to fit what we do into 1 sentence, 1 page and 1 slide, I stopped resisting ‘simplification’… ending the day with one kickass meeting …see more — primarily as a result of addressing Caneel’s criticism!

Ian Randolph

VP of Product at Qured

Caneel and I worked as a team to create an innovative and fun method to understand customers in a psychologically meaningful way that works online. Working with her was a joy – I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun while being so productive. Her personal creativity was matched only by her mastery as a manager of creative people. Always a contribution, Caneel would make for an invaluable asset on any team out to create something …see more new and extraordinary.

Jonathan Hey

Product and Design leader | PhD

I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with Caneel for the best part of a decade as researchers, instructors and with Caneel providing consulting services at both Jump Associates and in the UK. Caneel brings a fantastic range of talents to any project she works on. She has a great head for stats, and is at home grappling with giant spreadsheets, experimental design, drawing sound conclusions, and diligent and thorough background …see more research and preparation. At the same time she thrives in creative situations and is an asset to any ideation session. She is a great people manager too, drawing the best out of people through motivation and effective delegation. She has great awareness of her colleagues and the group dynamics in order to bring out the best in a team. As a result, on top of the skills she brings to the table, Caneel is always a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Evrin Erdem

Fintech, asset management, ETFs,

I worked with Caneel when she was tasked with doing a behavioural investment project for Nutmeg. Her scope of expertise is very broad, spanning all the way from design, user experience, psychology to finance. She is very smart and responsive, and it was a pleasure having discussions with her. There was one incident that that particularly impressed me a lot and for which I am still grateful to her. The “in-house” team were divided and stuck about how …see more to move forward about a strategic problem and tensions were about to climb. Caneel, as our “external” consultant, stepped in and steered the discussion in a practical, goal-oriented way. She suggested concrete deliverables for certain teams to deliver, including hers. And she did this while being heavily pregnant! From then on everything was clear and the “big problem” was solved. She will be a great asset to any team.

Nick Hungerford

Fintech founder and investor

Caneel joined the Nutmeg team as a member of our advisory group. In this capacity she serves as a strategic sounding board and experienced help when we have difficult problems to solve. Caneel is fantastically responsive and takes the time to carefully consider the issue; every time she will offer a rational, constructive and practical solution. We have also worked with Caneel as a consultant on specific projects. In these cases Caneel has produced …see more novel, compelling and logical reports and recommendations in understandable language. Caneel is a massive asset and we are very lucky to be working with her.

Steve Kuo

Investor / Entrepeneur

Caneel is an incredible resource that I didn’t realize I needed. Our film production business was struggling with some internal tension around decision making and priorities between production and creatives. Caneel came in and really helped us analyze and understand our group dynamic and uncovered areas that needed attention. Our sessions were engaging and ran smoothly. The work that we did was infinitely valuable and has helped us grow …see more and transition our organization into a tension-free zone.

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